Facilities are assets, infrastructures provided to solve a problem. Facility Management on its own as a discipline is concerned about the proper usage, and maintenance of the facilities provided in other to realize the purpose for its provision. A facility manager is the overall person responsible for the day to day coordination of the facility. Facility management can indeed be a daunting task not because of lack of formal training, or experience, but the knowledge of what i call the essentials keys that makes facilities management works. These are two essentials keys every facility managers cannot do without in order to succeed in their roles.

The importance of effective communication not only among your team as a facility manager, but also with all stakeholder cannot be over emphasized. a lot of facility managers has failed because they under rate what effective communication can do. As a facility manager, there is no place for assumption, every body must be carried along. Have a workable business continuity plan.A lot do of things do happens without any prior notice. An effective business continuity plan save guide the business, and facilities should there be any disaster that might affect the business in an unpleasant way. It might be people, equipment etc.

With these two essentials keys, I have no doubt, every facility manager would be able to succeed in their roles.