Facility management is a huge professional discipline which serves organizations and business with facilities through services. There are various facility management thought leaders which provide knowledge, awareness and learning about facility management that how to give different hard and soft facilities to run an organization and increase its output and ranking.Facility management thought leaders are :

1- IFMA: International facility management association provides various opportunities, including educational guidance, webinar and industry conventions.

2- Buildings: Buildings magazine have articles on green energy theory, fire alarm new designs and industrial maintenance.

3- BIFM: The British institute of facility management is itself a huge and developed professional-body.

4- Erin Sevitz: A writer who writes about worker happiness, office management and economical topics.

5- Facility management magazine: It is situated in Australia, gives information about products, building management, service and office management.

6- Ken burkhalter: Member of IFMA, travels and speaks about facility management problems.

7- I-FMNet: It promotes topics about outsourcing and rebidding agreements.

8- Work design magazine: It contains articles about making office a comfortable place and improve them continuously.

9- TFM-Newshounds: It holds some offbeat topics like a mix of serious and amazing posts.All these facility management thought leaders work to ameliorate FM and bring new strategies for further progress and development.

Facilities management (FM) is a relatively new professional management career. It is a management discipline that integrates and coordinates demand and supply of facilities in a business, private or a public organization.

Facilities management, therefore, focuses on proper and efficient management of a business’ tangible assets including buildings, real estate, installed equipment, technical and IT infrastructure, transportation and lighting among other areas. This is with the ultimate aim of increasing business efficiency and ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort.

Facilities management benefits businesses in many ways. One of its biggest benefits is cutting business costs. This is because the management involves the effective implementation of sound management practices on a business’s assets. This goes a long way to reducing unnecessary wastage and emergencies, which can be very costly to a business.

The second biggest benefit of FM to businesses has to do with the health and safety of both business employees and clients/customers. Just in the same way that business employees want to work in a safe environment, business clients/customers also want to associate with businesses who take their safety seriously. Facilities management ensures the built-up environment and any facilities installed are user-friendly.

The other valuable benefit of facilities management certainly has to do with code compliance. Because it involves the implementation of sound management systems of facilities and processes, FM helps a business to remain compliant with various codes established by various legislation. This benefits a business a great deal considering how litigious employees and members of the public have come to be.

These three are no doubt the most important benefits of facilities management to businesses. There are certainly more benefits. Although some businesses and organizations do away with their FM departments as one way of cutting costs, it is one department that helps businesses to avoid unnecessary costs and litigation.

Facilities are assets, infrastructures provided to solve a problem. Facility Management on its own as a discipline is concerned about the proper usage, and maintenance of the facilities provided in other to realize the purpose for its provision. A facility manager is the overall person responsible for the day to day coordination of the facility. Facility management can indeed be a daunting task not because of lack of formal training, or experience, but the knowledge of what i call the essentials keys that makes facilities management works. These are two essentials keys every facility managers cannot do without in order to succeed in their roles.

The importance of effective communication not only among your team as a facility manager, but also with all stakeholder cannot be over emphasized. a lot of facility managers has failed because they under rate what effective communication can do. As a facility manager, there is no place for assumption, every body must be carried along. Have a workable business continuity plan.A lot do of things do happens without any prior notice. An effective business continuity plan save guide the business, and facilities should there be any disaster that might affect the business in an unpleasant way. It might be people, equipment etc.

With these two essentials keys, I have no doubt, every facility manager would be able to succeed in their roles.